The Rationale Behind NOTORI:

It is important to establish here at the beginning that, with regard to the definitions in the ‘Racial & Religious Hatred Act 2006’, neither the ‘Notori’ web site, ‘Just Suppose’ power point presentation, static protests by Notori nor the paper back book ‘Astonishing Credulity’ or the e-book 'Astonishing Credulity' display any “threatening words”, or display “hatred” against “Christians” or any other religious group at the person level, nor is it the intention of these publications and the static protests to do so; but rather they stringently voice ‘concern’ about one of organised Christianity’s long standing, established activities: being the preaching of the fictional Christian theology to children, principally via a compulsory ‘act of collective worship’ in the school assembly, and generally through the school curriculum with ‘religious education’ lessons, which are, in certain establishments, presented as factually based. 

Nor does any of Notori's material cajole people to “hate Christians” or any other religious group, but more invite people to criticise, and openly question, organised Christianity’s legal right to have the preaching of a fiction as factually based to young children via the school assembly as a compulsory ‘act of worship’. 

To date, criticising the tenets of religion, and the conduct of organised religion in the proselytising of its beliefs, as far as I am aware, has not been made a criminal, or civil, offence. Nor are our police employed to be at the personal behest of religious citizens to ensure that they do not become exposed to, what they personally perceive as, material offence toward their beliefs; any more than the police would expend police hours making sure Arsenal supporters do not ‘see’ or ‘hear’ material offence against the performance of the Arsenal football team that they hold in such high esteem!  

The religious faithful might also be offended by their ‘faith’ being compared with the following of a football team, and see the two concepts as completely incomparable due to the ‘divine’ nature of one and the earthly nature of the other. But this golf only exists in the mind set of people so disposed to create such a fictional distinction. In cold reality no such difference exists, because the ‘divine’ is a man made intangible concept with absolutely no substance whatsoever. Football supporters are merely a group of people with a mutual interest in common, as are church goers! 

The content on the website ‘Notori’, and in the books ‘Astonishing Credulity’ and 'Just Suppose', pursues the issue of the religious indoctrination of children, and asks people to question the validity of the claims made by organised religions and their tenets. The website and the books are not anti ‘religion’; they are anti ‘religious indoctrination of children’, and anti ‘special privilege’ for organised religion; the rational for this position rests on the basis of the demonstrably fictitious nature of all of the tenets of all religions. 

Please do participate in a national protest, if you agree with the concerns raised on this site, and feel free to contact NOTORI with your comments either by the 'Contact NOTORI' email button, or the 'Read/add comments' button.

Michael Lawrence

Actively campaigning against the religious indoctrination of children.