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'Just Suppose' has been revamped, and shot as a one hour documentary at locations including York, St Albans and Rome.


Just suppose’ is a one hour production, which is an exposé on the manufactured nature of the Christian Theology.

However; its purpose is not to discredit the benefit many people gain from following a theological belief, but rather to provoke lively debate on the future role of religion in the public realm of politics and education given Christianity's demonstrably fictitious foundation.


The first half of the production sets the scene for the need to question the world view given to us by the Christian Church; and asks the audience to ‘just suppose’ they are wrong.

The production then travels through a critical investigation of the dates allocated to the events narrated in the New Testament scriptures. The investigation demonstrates that the baseline story in the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John cannot possibly be credible due to the dates allocated to the story, by the story itself; dates which conflict with events in other, non canonical, literature.


The production claims, and demonstrates, that literature does exist which reveals Jesus, as in ‘Jesus Christ’, existed as an allegorical character long before the dates attributed to the version of the Jesus character found in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; thereby proving the four books to be reworked stories of an ancient allegorical myth, rather than factual biographies.


Having presented the case for a mythical - as opposed to a historic - Jesus, and thereby establishing the need for a more in-depth investigation into the rise of Christianity; the second half of the production postulates the events that led to Christianity becoming entrenched into the psyche of the western world.


Below is a list of the prototype Power Point slide presentations of 'Just Suppose' delivered to various groups to date. Feedback was extremely good for sixteen of the presentations, unfavourable for two and mixed for one.

North London Humanist Group 19th November 2009
Humanists Society of West Yorkshire 3rd December 2009
Bedford Humanists 23rd February 2010
Essex Humanists 21st March  2010
South Place Ethical Society 28th March 2010
Milton Keynes Humanists 8th July 2010
Sutton Humanist Group 1st September 2010
Lewisham Humanists Group 14th September 2010
Suffolk Humanists and Secularists 16th September 2010
Chiltern Humanists 12th October 2010
Watford Area Humanists 19th October 2010
Guildford Humanist Group 10th November 2010
Coventry and Warwickshire Humanists 20th January 2011
North Yorkshire Humanist Group 14th February 2011
U3A Boxmoor 18th February 2011
South Somerset Humanists 12th May 2011
West London Humanists and Secularists 29th June 2011
Sheffield Humanist Society 16th November 2011
Birmingham Humanists 16th April 2012

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Review by Wincanton Window



All forty-two Bishops of the Church of England - in their capacity as the leaders of the Anglican faith in England and Wales - were contacted by letter and invited to view, and pass their professional comment on the validity of the content of this production. The aim was to include any counter arguments in the final production. Eighteen Bishops wrote back declining to view the material; the remaining twenty-four did not reply. The eighteen responses to the invitation can be viewed via the links below:

Birmingham Bradford  Bristol p1  Bristol p2 Chelmsford Coventry
Derby Durham Ely Exeter Gloucester Hereford
Lambeth Palace Newcastle Oxford Southwell & Nottingham St Albans Wakefield