Office for National Statistics ‘A quarter of Britons have no religion at all’

The Telegraph; Thu 29th Sept reports:

“A survey of more than 400,000 people by the Office for National Statistics found the proportion who said they were not religious rose from 20.5% in 2010 to 23.2% this year.

In particular, the study found that there had been a significant fall in the numbers describing themselves as Christian, from 71.3% last year to 68.5% by March 2011, when asked the question, ‘What is your religion, even if you are not currently practising?’

Despite the reverse angle of this report, it still claims that 68.5% of the population seem to be Christians!

If 68.5% of those surveyed claimed to be Christians, where did ONS conduct the surveys; outside churches at midday on a Sunday?

This result does not reflect society’s view of religion: any pub, club, shopping mall, place or gathering of people for reasons void of the subject concerned, if questioned, would not support these findings.

But then, as they say: there are lies, damn lies and government statistics; and these particular statistics have been created purely to support the current faith school expansion programme by way of falsely claiming that the vast majority of the country still identify as being Christian!

If a person does not accept as factual, the ridiculous virgin birth and miraculous resurrection stories, and does not accept that they will personally meet Jesus after they die, they are not Christians.

If a person identifies with the current Christian message of good will to others (emphasis on current), but at the same time rejects the miraculous and ridiculous, they are simply good natured people, not religious. Good morals do not equal religion, they equal good morals.

The definition of ‘being a Christian’ is being stretched beyond belief itself in order to hide the fall in numbers of ‘Christians’ as explicitly defined by the Church of England’s ‘39 Articles’ and the Roman Catholic’s ‘Nicene Creed’. Our parliamentary leaders and religious authorities are promoting the current thought process of: ‘I live in Western European, I am not Jewish and I am not Muslim, Therefore, I must be a Christian’. The population of Britain really does need to rise up and realise what is happening. Religion is not a pseudo nationality; religion is a totally flawed, Iron Age superstitious mythological nonsense.

It simply cannot be the case that: as many as 68.5% of our country believe in ridiculous virgin births and miraculous resurrections; if they do, then we are truly a credulous, backward thinking, regressive nation; and the fault for that would lie firmly with the religious indoctrination of children over the past 200 years.