Collective Christian Worship

Would we do it ourselves?

Every state school in England and Wales are instructed by law to force children to collectively give worship to the Christian version of a supernatural all-powerful entity.

The public at large, whether religious or not, seem indifferent to this affront and insult to the developing intelligence of the young unfortunate religious inductees.

There seems to be an attitude of ‘well it did not do us any harm’, and ‘well we’ve always had prayers and hymns in assembly’.

As a nation we seem to be ignoring the issue, turning our heads and looking the other way, crossing the road to avoid confronting the indignation we force on to our children.

But I wonder, If the government stated tomorrow, that from now on, every employer in the country, had to hold a collective act of worship to the Christian God at the start of each working day, and that all employees must attend and actively pray and sing hymns of a Christian nature, would the attitude of the nation towards this issue remain the same, or would it change overnight in explosive uproar and resistance?

The point being:

If we would not be prepared to do it ourselves, why are we happy to allow the government to continue to force our children to do it?


To help end enforced collective worship at our schools, write to your MP and insist they pass your letter on to Nicky Morgan and David Cameron.  

Also, send a CC of your letter to both Nicky Morgan and David Cameron to ensure they receive it. (Please feel free to quote in your letters). 

In addition, you can exercise your right to withdraw your child from collective worship. You can do this even if your child attends a faith school. The school HAS to oblige and are NOT allowed to ask for a reason, IN LAW.  

At the very least, if the government will not end compulsory collective worship, it should make it a specific opt in, as opposed to the poison chalice of an opt out!


Click here for a suggested template letter to Nicky Morgan campaigning against compulsory collective worship in schools.