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Bart Ehrmanís book 'Did Jesus Exist' - which insists he did - is extremely convincing, while equally implausible and entirely incorrect.

After presenting his arguments for the existence of a historical CE 1 to 30 Jesus character, and refuting the ideas put forward by the better known mythicists, Ehrman poses the question: ďwho would make up the idea of a crucified messiah?Ē


He also alludes to the event in history which he considers caused the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to be written.


In Ehrmanís view, this is the supposed circa 30 crucifixion of a Jesus character.


However, as will be explained in this rebuttal, this was not the event which inspired the gospel writers, since the event itself did not happen. Moreover, it could not happen, because the Catholic and Protestant Jesus character is pure fiction.

This rebuttal will answer Ehrmanís question; it will reveal who wrote the gospels, when and why. And not just these four specific gospels, but many other less well known gospels; along with many unknown lost gospels of this popular genre of the age.