Literary evidence does still exist which proves, quite categorically, Jesus, as in ‘Jesus Christ’, was an allegorical God Child created by the developing roots of Gnostic Christianity as far back as 500 BCE.

The allegorical version of a Messiah called Jesus was then subsequently morphed into a literal character by the 'Literalist Christians' of the Roman Empire post 70 CE.

The book  supporting this website, Astonishing Credulity

and the You Tube documentary Just Suppose 

both provide the evidence to support the above claims and demonstrate there was an allegorical 'Jesus Christ' prior to the governorship of Pontius Pilate in Judah.

 In short, 'Astonishing Credulity' and 'Just Suppose' confirm Christianity’s Jesus did not exist in history!


Template letter to Cameron, campaigning against un-elected Church of England Bishops in the House of Lords
Template letter to Morgan, campaigning against faith school expansion
Template letter to Morgan, campaigning against compulsory collective worship in schools

Children are born without any perception of historic tribal religious cultures.

It is us who allocate children religious labels with which to segregate themselves, and we have no right to.

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           To religiously indoctrinate an immature, believing, sponge of a mind by preaching theology (with total state sanction through the school curriculum) to young children, should be made illegal; it is nothing more than a mental form of child abuse with an unbelievably selfish motive on behalf of the indoctrinator, making the process woefully shameful. That motive is to ensure that their unsubstantiated Iron Age superstitious belief lives on, by infecting the impressionable minds of young children.

            In addition to the above, for a seriously small interest group (organised religion) to have a voice and influence in political matters way above its population representation is undemocratic and completely wrong! As is, allowing such a minority interest group to partake in the allocation and distribution of hard earned tax contributions.

  • The UK should pride itself in being religiously tolerant to all religions; provided those religions can themselves demonstrate tolerance to other religious beliefs, and to those who do not adhere to religious concepts.
  • It should not tolerate religions that are themselves utterly intolerant.
  • Religious belief should be a PRIVATE not public affair, It should play no part in education or politics.
  • If religion is to be included in education, it should be informative of ALL aspects, of ALL religions, not PROSELYTISING 'selected aspects' of one particular religion.